Periodontal Gum Disease

Periodontal gum disease treatment in Bunbury, Eaton, Australind & surrounding areas

If you neglect brushing and flossing, then plaque will form on the surface of your teeth and left untended, will harden to form tartar. As the tartar builds up, it will get below the gum line, causing inflamed and reddened gums which may bleed when brushed. If action isn’t taken at this stage, then this can progress into periodontal gum disease.

Periodontal gum disease is not only damaging to your teeth and gums, causing tooth and bone loss in later stages, but it can also affect your overall health. Indeed, poor dental health has also been linked to heart disease, strokes and other serious conditions.

Laser Periodontal Therapy

The FADC Dental Group is proud to announce that we have recently taken possession of our new Laser – the PerioLase MVP-7; the revolutionary laser that has been recently certified by the America FDA to have the ability to help regenerate bone lost due to gum disease. We are proud to be the 8th owner of this particular laser in Australia and the 2nd Periolase laser in WA and the only Periolase in the South West of WA.
How does it work?

PerioLaseMVP-7- The LANAP Protocol

This tremendous technological advance allows us to establish a nearly bacteria-free and disease-free zone between the teeth and gums. Laser energy stimulates healing and the regeneration of new bone and attached tissue. Reversing the damage caused by the bacterial pathogens that destroy the support around the teeth.

Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) is the only proven patented and FDA approved laser based treatment for gum disease. LANAP creates an environment for the regeneration of the tissues and bone that have been lost to periodontal (gum) disease. Laser periodontal therapy is a conservative, gentle, and non-invasive alternative to the cut and suture method of treating periodontal disease.

During the LANAP procedure the tiny Periolase laser fibre is placed into the zone of tissue that surrounds the tooth. This laser specifically targets and destroys the thin layer of diseased tissue and the bacteria in this site. Healthy tissue is not harmed. There is no cutting or stitches, so there is minimal to no pain afterwards. The laser energy stimulates rapid healing, so recovery time is minimal. Most patients return to their normal routine the very next day

If you have red, swollen, bleeding gums or if you have been told that you have gum disease, this new treatment advance is perfect for you.

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Keeping your teeth beats putting up with cumbersome and loose false teeth!!

 If you are NOT ready to wear false teeth, then call us for an obligation free consultation.
10 FAQ about LANAP

Please visit our dental clinic if you experience:

Swollen and puffy gums

Bleeding gums

Bad breath

Receding gums

Gaps appearing between your teeth

Loose teeth

Teeth that are drifting

Managing periodontal disease  

To treat periodontal gum disease, we’ll first chart the extent of the disease on our computer program through measuring the amount of bone loss, reaching a diagnosis on your oral health. A suitable treatment plan will then be created, which will be explained fully to the patient, as well as outlining the importance of good oral care at home.

Initial treatment will usually involve ‘scaling and root planning’ under local anaesthetic, cleaning the tooth and gum structure to remove any toxins and bacteria. The clean surface will then hopefully encourage the gum to reattach to the root surface, forming a seal.

A review of the treatment will follow during a separate appointment around three to four months afterwards. It should be noted that the ongoing success of the treatment depends heavily on the patient maintaining good oral hygiene at home.

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