Dental Implants

Top-quality dental implants in Bunbury, Eaton, Australind & surrounding areas

Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth and offer a more permanent solution to patients with this problem. The process involves inserting a titanium rod into the jaw bone, to which a crown is fitted on top, giving the appearance of a natural tooth.

Allowing patients to eat, drink and speak as normal, dental implants are an innovative way to restore smiles and are offered at FADC Dental Group as part of our dental services. We’ve been providing implant treatments since 1988 so we have years of experience within this area.

Combining oral surgery and periodontics, oral and maxillofacial radiography, restorative dentistry and dental technology, when it comes to implants, our team can deliver the results you need.

The main benefits of dental implants:

They’re the closest possible replacement to natural teeth

They provide stable replacement teeth for eating and smiling with confidence

There’s no discomfort and pain from ill-fitting dentures

They help to preserve your jawbone, which would otherwise recede following tooth loss

They can help to maintain the shape of your face

Implants offer a revolutionary way to replace missing teeth. Many patients have benefited from tooth replacement that is now available with the use of this technology.


As with any invasive procedure, patients should expect some discomfort following the treatment, although this will vary for everyone and won’t last for very long. Indeed, any pain should go within 24-48 hours and we can prescribe painkillers as necessary.

With good oral hygiene, your dental implants will endure into the future, although they won’t last forever, with an average lifespan of between 12-15 years. We stock the Astra system, Noble Biocare Replace and Branemark systems at our clinics and will always choose the most suitable process for each patient.

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