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Our dedicated dental team

At FADC Dental Group, our experienced team of dentists working across our three dental practices are committed to delivering exceptional care. Skilled in working with all types of dental conditions and with patients of every age, they also keep up to date with all the latest developments and innovations in the dentistry profession. As a result, you can always expect to receive comprehensive care from our team, whichever clinic you visit.

Our team includes:

tim yuen
Dr. Tim W. H. Yuen BDSc (WA), MDSc-Pros(Melb),Grad Dip-Perio (WA), F.R.A.C.D.S

Graduated in 1983 at UWA with the GD Henderson prize for Oral Surgery, he moved to Bunbury and worked as a general practitioner. After 12 years of general practice the urge to go back to study took him to Melbourne where he undertook full time studies completing a Masters of Dental Science in the specialty discipline of Prosthodontics at the prestigious Melbourne University. Returning back to Bunbury, he continued on with general practice until the academic bug bit again and he went back to complete another full time Graduate Diploma in the discipline of Periodontics at UWA.

Somewhere in between he obtained his general fellowship in the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons. He is now highly proficient at scratching teeth and shaping teeth. Never far from dabbling, his mind continues to scan the horizon for another mountain to climb. He had a short stint (2000-2003) as a senior lecturer at UWA being in charge of Restorative Dentistry and remained teaching as an Honorary Clinical Consultant until he retired in 2013.

His 2 sons have not followed his footsteps into the world of dentistry and his wife and best friend remains ever weary of another quest that will take them to who knows where.

His special interests are Prosthodontics (replacing missing teeth), Periodontics (gum problems) and Dental Implantology (replacing missing teeth with dental implants). He is not a “cosmetic” dentist and probably will never be one but he likes seeing teeth with varying degrees of “white” and more importantly teeth that belong to the face/head that they are attched to! He no longer treats children because they cry and prefers to treat crying adults instead.

Outside dentistry, he loves attending his "Step" classes and photography.

The greatest pleasure he derives from his practice is seeing his “older” patients return year after year with healthy teeth and gums. He has the pleasure now of treating 4 generations of patients at his practice and he celebrates his 32 nd year of practice in Bunbury (2016).

Dr. Allan Lum BDSc Hons (WA)
Dr. Howard Chin BDSc Hons (WA), FICOI

Dr. Alex Foo BDSc (WA)

Dr. Manoj Pallegedara, BDS (SL), MSc (SL), ADC (Aust)

Dr. Kishore Kothapalli BDS (Ind), MDS (Ind), ADC (Aust)

Dr. Jennifer Hanna BDSc Hons (WA)

Dr. Rachael Pantin BDentSc (NSW)

Dr Alvin Kwan BOHDS GradDipDent (QLD)


Dr. Cheng Li BApplSc (NSW) BOHDS GradDipDent (QLD)

Dr. Timothy Stewart B.Physio (Monash), BOHDentSci (Griffith), Grad Dip. Dent (Griffith)

Dr Karrona Tep BSc (UQ), BSc (Hons), BOHDentSci (Griffith), Grad Dip. Dent (Griffith)

Dr Charles Sun BDSc (Hon) UQ (QLD)

Dr. Punya Bahl BDSc (Hons) UQ (QLD)

Dr Elke Rijks BDTech (Otago, NZ), BDSc (WA)

Dr. Victoria Yap BDS (Adel)

Oral surgery consultant

Dr Mohan A. Rajalingham BDS (S’pore) FDSRCS (Eng) ADC (Aust) FIAOMS Grad.Dip in Clin. Dent - Oral Implantology (Syd)

Experience includes working in Singapore, United Kingdom and Australia over the last 30 years both in the public and private sector. Worked in Major UK hospitals for 5 years when training for Fellowships (Oral Surgery).

Fully Registered with:

•    General Dental Council of the United Kingdom

•    Singapore Dental Council

•    Australian Dental Council

Interests include implantology and advanced prosthodontic treatment, Oral surgery and General Dentistry under both local and general anaesthesia (outpatient and hospital based treatment options available).

Member of:

•    Fellow of the International Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

•    British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

•    Asian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

•    Australian Dental Association

•    British Dental Association

•    Singapore Dental Association

dr mohan
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