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At FADC Dental Group, we’ve been providing patients in the Bunbury and surrounding areas with dental services for many years, maintaining a high standard across all our practices. With a friendly and experienced team committed to delivering the best possible care, we offer dentistry tailor-made to suit your individual needs.

FADC Dental Group has built a reputation for its exceptional level of service. This not only keeps patients satisfied, but also very loyal.

We are The Largest Family of Smiling Patients.
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It's all about choices

When it comes to providing great dentistry services at FADC Dental Group, it all comes down to giving our patients a choice of treatments and intervention. We use a variety of dental materials in our restorative work and will never force anything on our patients. Our dentists will always explain what’s available and how these options work, but the final decision lies with the patient.

We’ll also never remove sound filling material unless there’s a valid reason to do so, as we don’t believe in doing any dental work that isn’t absolutely necessary. You can rest assured that whenever you come to one of our practices, you’ll receive care from a team with your best interests at heart.

Visiting our dental clinics

When you visit any one of our three dental clinics, we’ll carry out an initial routine oral examination to establish the health of your teeth and gums. We can also identify at this stage whether you may need any dental treatments and if so, we’ll make recommendations in this regard.

If restorative treatment is required, we’ll then base our recommendation of material on the condition of your teeth and how much of the tooth is left following disease (decay) or trauma (fractures). The choice of material is up to the patient and you can choose whatever suits your budget and what’s best for your teeth.

Meanwhile, if you decide to accept our recommendation, then we’ll provide an unconditional 12-month guarantee and will replace all defective new restorations free of charge.

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